paris deco off - paris 2018

Houlès and Nouailhac, is inviting you from 18 to 22 January 2018 for the Paris Déco Off event in Paris.

Paris Déco Off is a free event for general public and professionals.

Houlès showroom will welcome you:
13 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris
+33 1 83 79 06 00

• From 9:30 am to 7:30 pm
• Saturday 20th January 2018 until 21h30

30 free shuttles will be at your disposal to transport you from the "Rive doite" to the "Rive gauche".

Marie Claire Maison Exhibition - PARIS

To celebrate its 50th birthday, french magazine Marie Claire Maison is exhibiting in Paris !
50 years of parisian styles are presented in 5 different nice boxes. See the one including our footsool and trimmings
Houlès - Nouailhac ! Decoration by Réka Magyar. Thank you Marie Claire !

"Styles parisiens" - Free exhibition - 8.09 / 16.09.17

Houlès / Nouailhac press day - PARIS

Photos des stands Houlès - Nouailhac lors de la dernière présentation presse, dans une scénographie très élégante.
Houlès & Nouailhac stand pictures, from the last very stylish press event.

Agence Objectif presse - StylismeChristelle Ageorges , PARIS
Objectif presse agency - Christelle Ageorges stylism - PARIS

The power of Passementerie

A spectacular 13-tier aerial installation of over 500 tassels brings drama to the London Design Centre Chlesea Harbour centre dome. Working in harmony with the Design Centre's architecture, it turns the traditional tassel on its artistic head and challenges the way we look at passementerie.
Houlès tassels:
Tier 2: MASAÏ tassel (35227)
Tier 3: PALAIS ROYAL tassel (35300)
Tier 7: ONYX tassel (35622)
Tier 8: GALLERY tassel (35757)
Tier 9: NEOX tassel (35311)
Tier 11: ONYX tassel (35622)

HOULÈS Showroom
Second Floor
South Dome / Design Centre Chelsea Harbour -