Houlès et Nouailhac vous donnent rendez-vous !
Houlès and Nouailhac welcome you!


Journées professionnelles 12 - 14 Mars / Trade Preview 12 - 14 March
Tout public 15 - 17 Mars / All Welcome 15 - 17 March
Horaires 10h - 18h / Open 10am - 6pm

Houlès - Nouailhac London Showroom:
2nd Floor - South Dome - Design Centre - Chelsea Harbour


Paris Déco Off - January 2017

From 19th to 23rd January 2017, Houlès and Gilles Nouailhac participate to "Paris Déco Off 2017" and welcome you in their showrooms to present their new collections of trimmings, fabrics, hardware and furniture!

Houlès showroom - 13 rue du Mail - 75002 Paris
Gilles Nouailhac showroom - 94 rue du Bac - 75007 Paris

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The power of Passementerie

A spectacular 13-tier aerial installation of over 500 tassels brings drama to the London Design Centre Chlesea Harbour centre dome. Working in harmony with the Design Centre's architecture, it turns the traditional tassel on its artistic head and challenges the way we look at passementerie.
Houlès tassels:
Tier 2: MASAÏ tassel (35227)
Tier 3: PALAIS ROYAL tassel (35300)
Tier 7: ONYX tassel (35622)
Tier 8: GALLERY tassel (35757)
Tier 9: NEOX tassel (35311)
Tier 11: ONYX tassel (35622)

HOULÈS Showroom
Second Floor
South Dome / Design Centre Chelsea Harbour -

tribute to the French writer Colette

After 5 years of restoration work, the birthplace of Colette at Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye, regained its soul and finally opens to the public. Inspired by the writings of Colette and "driven by a real passion", interior designer Jacques Grange has focused on faithfully recreate the atmosphere of this elegant interior, full of charm and poetry.
Houlès is proud having suported these historical interior design place, with a selection of trimmings* which adorn curtains in various parts of the house.

*Vendôme, Marly, Palais Royal collections
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